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Ways to Help Your Child Feel Good Wearing Glasses

As you begin preparing for the start of the school year, you may be thinking of having your child’s eyes checked before school starts. Good vision is essential for students of all ages to reach their full academic potential. Some studies indicate that learning is up to 85% visual. Bad eyesight can negatively affect school performance. We can tell you what your children can’t about their eye health.

Glasses can be a big change for children, and can take some getting used to. The most important thing is that your child feels comfortable and confident in their glasses, and there are many things parents can do to help reinforce this. If your child thinks they look good, and they feel happy wearing their new eyewear, this will foster self-confidence and help to ensure they wear them regularly.

Here are a few ways to help your kids feel good about wearing glasses:

Demonstrate the Benefits

Sitting down with your child to explain why they need glasses and how glasses can help them to better enjoy the things they like doing can go a long way in helping children to understand and accept their new eyewear. However, the best way for them to understand the value of their new glasses is by showing them. Show them the advantages of wearing glasses by doing a special activity together that will demonstrate the benefit of their newly improved vision. Try an activity such as drawing, reading or watching a movie together. 

Help Your Child Find Frames They Love

Give your child the chance to be a part of picking out their new glasses. Offer advice and guidance on which pairs look best, but ultimately it should feel like their own choice. This can help to instill a sense of ownership and encourage your child to feel proud when wearing their new frames.

Show Them How Cool Glasses Can Be

Cool colors, patterns, shapes and decoration can all help glasses to feel more exciting and allow your child to choose something which fits their own unique personality. 

Make the Buying Experience Fun

Allow plenty of time for your child to try on lots of different styles, including everything from classic shapes to more bold and adventurous ones. Not only does this help them to see eyewear in a fun light, but it will also help your child to learn which frames suit them and see how different styles can give them completely different looks.

Make the trip more exciting by taking your child shopping afterwards for a new outfit to match their new frames. This will help them to think of the glasses as part of their new style and instantly creates a positive experience around their new accessory.

Turn Glasses into a Fashion Accessory

For older kids and teens, letting them choose frames by a brand they like or choosing a few pairs which they can match to different outfits can help glasses to feel more like a fashion accessory and something they can be proud to wear.

Offer Positive Encouragement

It’s important that you help to create a positive feeling about the glasses when your child first starts to wear them. Compliment them on how nice they look on and make them feel good about their new frames.

Did your child put on their glasses without having to be asked? Or sit through a long eye exam without a complaint? Let them know what a good job they are doing and reward them with a favorite treat, game or experience. You won't believe how quickly they'll want to wear their glasses again!

Ensure Frames are a Good Fit

Make sure all frames are correctly fitted so that they are easy and comfortable to wear. If glasses are uncomfortable your child isn’t likely to enjoy wearing them. Depending on age, children may need their frames periodically adjusted by an optician as they grow to ensure they remain a good fit. 

For more on good fit, see our post on Picking the Perfect Pair