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We at Eye to Eye want to be sure that everyone enjoys the eclipse on Monday, August 21, 2017.  It will truly be a spectacular event, but must be taken seriously and viewed with caution. During the eclipse, Kansas is near the path of totality, but Derby, and Wichita are not in the path totally. This means that the sun will be almost blocked by the moon, but not completely. This also means that if you look directly at the eclipse the normal glare and discomfort will not be there. Because it doesn't make you uncomfortable, you may look at the eclipse for longer than a few seconds. This will cause permanent and irreversible damage and life-long central vision blindness, and you won't even know it until the next day. If you want to view the eclipse directly, you must have the proper eclipse glasses. 

You must be aware of glasses that are not approved for viewing the eclipse. True eclipse glasses have a stamp saying that they are ISO-12312-2. This means they are dark enough for the sun. When you look through proper eclipse glasses, you should not be able to see anything except the bright sun. If you can somewhat see your surroundings, they are not dark enough. If your glasses are scratched, punctured, torn, or otherwise damaged, discard them and do not use them. Eye to Eye has officially sold out of glasses and will not be able to obtain anymore. Do not view the sun without proper glasses.  

Remember that glasses are made for adults. Children using these glasses must have direct adult supervision. These glasses must be looked through and covering the entire eye. You should look down, place the glasses on, then look up at the sun. Then look down and away from the sun before removing them from your eyes. Be sure that little eyes are not peeking around the glasses when looking up.

We hope you all enjoy this amazing experience safely.